It is just showing being satisfied ie. pleasure. Happiness is not just about smiling but the joy that comes downward from the indept of our heart attach to our emotion.
Happiness is b positive state of life, but it will be a drebm if we think life is all about positive things that bring us joy only.
In life, sometimes, fools appears to be fool, smartest appears to be dull, even wisdom looks unthinkable in another world.
Claims of the scientists about this world is that “happiness brings longitivity” ie. those wio are happy wins xtra years. It’s of great importan to note that they did so because life gives them the reason to; only a none creature will laugh when life gives you a negative results almost all the time.
And to those who says happiness brings smile and gives you a beautiful and cute faces; it is only a good meal, less stress and less thought that makes an awesome faces.
In short, think about, act like, take steps like, reason like, and hope like life has given you the happiness you deserve. HAPPINESS