We’ve all been there – you drop your
phone down the toilet, instantly regretting
not taking out insurance and thinking of
all the times you took Siri for granted.
Forget the old trick of sticking your phone
in a big bowl of (uncooked) rice overnight
– cat litter has been proven to be more
effective at reviving your phone.
Yep, Gazelle reports that, cat litter –
specifically, crystal cat litter – is an
effective drying agent because of its silica
gel (you know, that stuff that comes in
little packets and says “Do Not Eat” and
that we usually throw away).
They recommend trying to shake all of the
excess water out of the phone first then
air-dry, before putting it in a bag of
crystal kitty litter for as long as possible,
so leave it in there for a few days.
Placing the phone in a Ziploc bag of the
stuff is also helpful.
If your phone isn’t working after 48 hours,
then it’s the end of your phone as you
know it. RIP.