Tomorrow night Wales take on Portugal in
the semi-final of Euro 2016. Real Madrid
stars Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo
will be facing each other, so we’ve seen
how they compare with some fun facts for
the big game.
STARTING OUT: Cristiano Ronaldo,
aged 31, began playing football for
the amateur club where his Dad
worked as a kit man. By age 10 he
was already getting attention from
professional teams. Gareth Bale was
first discovered by Southampton aged
9 when playing for his local team.
Young Bale’s hero was Manchester
United legend Ryan Giggs.
CAPS: Ronaldo has played 131 times
for Portugal, more than any other
player in history. He played his first
game for his country aged just 18.
When Bale first played for Wales in
2006, he was the youngest player ever
to play for the country at 16 years and
315 days. He has gone on to play 60
times for the mighty Dragons.
GOALS: With a whopping 60 goals,
Ronaldo is the top scorer in
Portuguese history. He’ll be hoping to
add a few to that total against Wales.
Cristiano’s 487 goals for his clubs
probably mean the Welsh defence are
slightly worried. Bale has scored 22
goals for Wales, and is having a
brilliant Euro 2016 so far. He scored
in all three group games to become
Wales’ all-time top tournament goal
TROPHIES: Ronaldo has won 17
major trophies, including three
Champions Leagues, three Premier
Leagues and a Spanish League title.
He has also won the Ballon D’or three
times, which is given to the best
player in the world at the end of the
season. Hopefully Bale is good at DIY,
because if he keeps playing this well
he might need to build a new trophy
cabinet. He has won five major
trophies, including two Champions
Leagues. Better leave a space in the
cabinet for the Euro 2016 trophy eh
STRENGTHS: Ronaldo’s greatest
strength is his…..strength. Players
who play against him find it very hard
to take the ball from him, and he can
hit powerful free kicks and penalties.
Ronaldo is so talented that he can
play on either wing or up front and
often switches positions to try and
confuse defences. Bale is one of the
fastest footballers in the world, and
sprints past most players he faces.
He is so skilled with his left foot that
at school his PE teacher made him
play only with his right, to give the
other kids a chance against him.
WEAKNESSES: Despite being one of
the world’s best players, Ronaldo can
sometimes be a grumpy guts. He
often shouts at his teammates and
recently threw a reporters microphone
into a lake. While Bale has no fear
about playing against Portugal, he is
terrified of creepy crawlies. Bale
doesn’t like spiders in particular, and
unfortunately for him Madrid is full of
them! Cheer up Gareth, if you beat
Portugal you can stay in France a
little bit longer.