Jose Mourinho’s first press conference as
Manchester United manager is in
progress at the time of writing. Past
experience tells us that his press
conferences are far more exciting than his
teams (far more exciting than most teams
in fairness).
What do we know so far…
Well, his mood hasn’t softened towards
Arsene Wenger. The bullying will continue.

There are some managers the last
time they won a title was 10 years
ago. Some never have. The last
time I did was a year ago.
He outlined his philosophy. Pragmatic is
the word. He remains a Roundhead.
He added that he’s coveted this job for a
long time. It’s the job the whole
managerial world wants.
One member of the press corps asked him
about his alleged reluctance to promote
younger players, a touchy subject in the
club that prides itself on producing its
own talent.
Mourinho initially said he did not have
enough time to answer the question. After
clarifying that he did, he pulled out a
sheet of paper – rather in the manner of
Rafa Benitez in 2009 – and said that he
had promoted no fewer than 49 players
from academies down the years. The
claim that he does not promote
youngsters is a ‘lie’.
His answer here is already exercising
Oliver Kay
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Asked about youth record,
Mourinho gets out piece of paper.
Says he’s promoted 49 players
from yth academies — a “lie” that
he ignores kids
11:18 AM – 5 Jul 2016
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On the Ryan Giggs question, Mourinho
said Giggs’s departure was little to do
with him. Giggs, he said, was determined
to leave the club once he wasn’t offered
the manager’s job. Giggs wants to be
numero uno and that’s that. He will leave
to gain managerial experience elsewhere.

It’s not my responsibility he is not
now in the club. The job that Ryan
wanted is the job that the club
decided to give me. Ryan wanted to
be the manager. For whatever
reason, you’ll have to ask the
board or Mr. Woodward, the club
decided to give to me. Ryan wants
to be a manager. He could be what
he wanted to be in the club. He
made a decision.
He said he will definitely not be deploying
Wayne Rooney in central midfield. He
conceded that Rooney may not be an out-
and-out goalscorer anymore but he will
still be used high up the pitch.

Maybe, he’s not a striker
anymore… But with me, he will not
be a no.6. He will never be playing
50 metres from goal. Yes, his pass
is amazing. But my pass is
amazing when there is no pressure.
But to be there and put the ball in
the net is the most difficult thing
to find. Maybe, he is not a no.9.
But he will be a 10, a 9 and a half.
Not a 6 and not even an 8.
A typical moment of cavalier charm.
Effectively revealing that the third signing
is imminent. Though, this is presumably
Henrikh Mkhitaryan.