Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedezie,
popularly known as Aki, has revealed how
he met his wife.
In an interview with Sun newspaper, the
actor claimed he approached his wife the
first time he met her and asked her to
marry him.
“I met her just the way every other man
meets his wife. I made the first move ..I
just told her baby, let’s do this and the
rest is history.”
On growing up, he said “Let me tell you
something about my birth. My mum put
to bed at exactly 12 am on the dot the day
I was born; as soon as it was 12 am, I
popped out! One peculiar thing about my
mum is that she goes to the labour room
with her wristwatch and once she gives
birth, she records the time.
And God has so blessed her, she delivered
like the Hebrew women; she never had
complications. I came into the world at
exactly 12 am on the dot on the 12 day of
the 12 month of the year so that means
there is something unique about me
(laughter). Growing up, my parents
wondered how I would end up because
they couldn’t even dictate to me. You
know, parents have a way of knowing
what their kids would be in the future.
They would be like this one is going to be
a medical doctor and that one is going to
be an engineer. In my case, they couldn’t
tell where I was headed because I seemed
to have a knack for everything; that’s the
making behind my life and who I am
He further talked about how he met and
became very close with fellow actor, Osita
“I started acting in 1998. He came into the
industry three years later in 2001. I was in
school then and we had a job so he had
this opportunity to shoot in Enugu. He had
just started acting then. We met in the
hotel lobby where we were lodged. We
talked and I discovered he was a very shy
fellow. Before then, Amayo Uzor had been
telling me that ‘Chinedu, just hang on,
there is boy I have seen that looks just like
you and guess what, he is in the industry
and I am working on a script for the both
of you.’ After our meeting, they called us
and gave us scripts; that was the first time
I did pure comedy. The movie was entitled
Aki Na Ukwa”.