The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia has announced that the new
crescent of the month of Shawwal has not
been sighted and that the month of
Ramadan will be 30 days and not 29.
Authorities in the Kingdom told citizens to
fast on Tuesday.
Also, the Majlis Ugama Islam in
Singapore on Monday announced that
Muslims in the country would celebrate
Eid-el-Fitr on Wednesday July 6.
The announcement is made after there
was no confirmed report of moon-
sighting from any part of the country.
“According to astronomical calculations,
the crescent for the month of Shawwal did
not appear during sunset today as it has
set earlier than the sun. This signifies that
tomorrow will be the end of 30 days of
“As such, I am pleased to declare that the
first day of Shawwal for the year 1437
Hijrah falls on Wednesday, 6th July
2016”, Mohamed Bakaram of the Republic
of Singapore said in a statement.
A similar announcement to celebrate Eid-
el-Fitr on Wednesday has also been made
by Indonesia.
Since United States, United Kingdom,
Canada and European countries normally
rely on moon announcements by Saudi
Arabia, Muslims in these countries will
celebrate Eidel-Fitr along with their
counterparts in the Arab states.