The work ethic and dedication of the
Nigeria international is helping trainers
to motivate new in-takes who wish to
reach the top of the ladder
Alex Iwobi’s rise at Arsenal Football
Club has become instructional material
for academy players looking to make it
in the game, and a Nigerian player has
now joined the club hoping for success
like his compatriot.
British-born Joseph Olowu is one of the
recently accepted youngsters into the
Arsenal Academy who was encouraged
by the dedication of the Nigeria
international, as the club offered an
extensive behind the scenes view of the
first day of a scholar’s life in a new
YouTube video.
The club’s U18s coach Kwame Ampadu
spoke to the youngsters about what it
takes to make the first team, citing
Iwobi as an example to follow.
“[Iwobi] wasn’t one of the superstars,
but [he was] very humble, extremely
hardworking, very cultured, very
intelligent. He went to the Nou Camp
and shone,” Ampadu said.
Olowu spoke of his desire to work hard
with “good attitude and great respect.”
“It’s still surreal to me because when I
first got the offer, I was like is this
really happening, but now we’re here
putting pen to paper.
“The liaison officer of the first team
asked two things of us: ‘attitude and
respect’ and I think I’m going to take
that along with me especially
throughout my two years here and
hopefully more, and try to build on with
good attitude and great respect to all
the players and staff here.
“I’m prepared for it, I really want to get
on to the pitch, learn from all the
coaches, experience new things,”
Olowu concluded.