– A female reporter has accidentally
revealed her underwear while live on air
– She quickly pulled her dress back
down and continued the show as if
nothing happened
– A video has been viewed thousands of
times online
Alina Moine, a Fox Sports reporter, was
presenting a programme on the upcoming
Rio de Janeiro Olympics when something
went wrong.
The newspresenter was chatting with her
co-star when she brought her hand down
to her dress
The Argentinian news presenter was
wearing a little black dress that played a
bad joke her in the middle of a TV
broadcast but also brought her channel
thousands of new viewers.
In a viral video the woman is seen talking
to her co-presenter Maxi Palma when she
lifts her hand to her face and immediately
regretting it. She accidentally lifts up her
own dress flashing her skin-coloured
As she reached up to her face, the dress
came up too with audiences shocked to
be given a glimpse of Moine’s knickers
Moine quickly pulls her dress back down
and continues the program with straight
face, while her co-worker doesn’t even
seem to notice the awkward wardrobe
Meanwhile, the incident didn’t go
unnoticed, soon the clip was uploaded
online, where it has been seen over
350,000 times and counting.
Actually, the gaffe happened at the end of
last year it was only recently circulated by
local media in the country.