What happens if you lose your job AND
Six years raising a family in a house close
to work, then one day your job
unexpectedly ends and as well as looking
to replace your missing salary, you now
also need somewhere to live.
It could happen to anyone.
But while David Cameron will probably be
all right, if you’re not a multi-millionaire
with a second-home allowance and buy-
to-let property to fall back on, what can
you do to save your home if you find
yourself without a job .
Mirror Money spoke to Mark Cook from
housing charity Shelter to get his top tips:
Get expert advice early – know your
options. If you are struggling to pay
your housing costs, talk to an expert
adviser as soon as possible who can
take you through your options and
advise the next best steps for you.
Visit http://www.shelter.org.uk/advice or
call Shelter’s free helpline on 0808
800 4444.
Make the rent or mortgage your
priority. Paying your rent or mortgage
should always be your number one
priority. If you have other debts such
as credit cards and phone bills you
can take action to deal with these
Respond to letters and phone calls.
It’s natural to want to keep your head
down and hope it’ll sort itself out but
it’s important to read everything your
landlord, letting agent or mortgage
lender sends to you. Keep records of
every letter and phone call.
Turn up for court hearings. Make sure
you attend the court hearing so that
you can put your case to the judge. To
give yourself the best possible chance,
try to get legal advice from an
organisation such as Shelter before
the hearing. If that’s not possible, ask
on the day at the court if there’s a
duty solicitor – Shelter is one
organisation that provides that service
across the country.
If the judge orders you to leave, get
advice as soon as possible. If worse
comes to worst and you’re facing
eviction, talk to an expert adviser as
soon as possible. You may be entitled
to help from the council if you will
soon be homeless.