Apple plans to introduce a larger
1,960mAh battery with the upcoming
iPhone 7 , due to launch in September.
That’s according to prolific tipster and
journalist Steve Hemmerstoffer, who has
a reliable track record for mobile leaks.
The iPhone 6S only had a 1,715mAh
battery, which means we’re expecting a
significant 12.5% (one-eighth) increase in
capacity with the iPhone 7. However, it’s
important to remember that battery
capacity isn’t the only thing that affects
how long your smartphone lasts with
daily use.
(Credit for images: Martin Hajek)
The efficiency of components like the
display and processor have a significant
impact on charge longevity. If Apple opts
for a higher resolution display, or uses a
non-efficient CPU, battery life might not
actually be improved. It’s also important
for Apple to ensure that its iOS software
is optimised correctly to maximise battery
Unfortunately, while a battery bump
might sound great, we can’t guarantee
this will happen. There’s no way for us to
actually verify this leak, so take this news
with due caution.
Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 7
at a dedicated launch event in September.
The handset is rumoured to feature less
prominent antenna banding, a dual-lens
camera, and a shorter, thicker chassis.
It’s also been heavily tipped that Apple
will get rid of the 3.5mm audio jack on
the iPhone 7, forcing users to plug their
headphones in via the Lightning port