Orlando Magic star Bismack Biyombo
Sumba is expected in Kigali this afternoon
and will feature in the All-Star Game later
in the day at Amahoro indoor stadium.
Biyombo, who was with Toronto Raptors
last season just signed a four-year
contract with Orlando Magic worth $72
The 23-year old Congolese star will arrive
in the country at 2pm, stay for an
overnight in Kigali before connecting to
Goma in the Eastern Democratic Republic
of Congo where he will oversee his
basketball development projects.
Born in Lubumbashi, Biyombo started his
professional career in 2009 at
Fuenlabrada-Getafe, CB Illescas and
finally Baloncestro Fuenlabrada in Spain
until late 2011 when he was signed by
Charlotte Hornets of the NBA.
In the 2015/2016 season, Biyombo was
playing for Toronto Raptors but was
recently signed by Orlando Magic.
The local All-Star game comes just three
days after the end of the 2016 playoffs
won by IPRC-South in men and Ubumwe
in women category respectively. The
game will be played between Patriots All-
Star against Biyombo All-Star.
The much anticipated game will be
preceded by a friendly game between
IPRC-Kigali, who finished third in playoff
games last on Sunday, and the national
Under-18 team, which is preparing for the
upcoming FIBA U18 Africa Championship
in Kigali.
Patriots All-Star team will be coached by
APR’s Cliff Owuor assisted by Albert
Buhake of IPRC-Kigali while Charles
Mushumba (UR- CASS) will be in charge
of Biyombo All-Star team and will be
assisted by Espoir’s Jean Bahufite.
Patriots All Stars:
Ali Kubwimana (Patriots), Yannick Rwema
(APR), Dieudonne Ndizeye (IPRC- Kigali),
Fabrice Rukundo (IPRC- South), Walter
Nkurunziza (Patriots), Patrick
Habiyambere (Patriots), Herve Ikishatse
(IPRC- South), Ali Ruzigande (APR),
Sanny Niyomugabo (IPRC- South), Olivier
Shyaka (Espoir), Elie Kaje (Patriots) and
Jean Paul Ndoli (IPRC-Kigali).
Biyombo All Stars:
Gislain Bushiri (IPRC-South), Jean de
Dieu Tuyishime (IPRC-Kigali), Regis
Gatoto (UGB), Steve Havuintwari (IPRC-
Kigali), Parfait IShimwe (APR), Didier
Ishimwe (IPRC-South), Bruno Nyamwasa
(IPRC- Kigali), Joseph Bukuru (Patriots),
Eric Munyaneza (APR), Bienvenu
Niyonsaba (IPRC- South), Jean de Dieu
Ntagunduka (Patriots) and Bienvenu
Ngandu (Espoir)