Google introduced the newest version of
its Keyboard app alongside Android N’s
third preview release . Sporting version
number 5.1, the new keyboard came with
colored themes and a large number of
extra emojis. Now, Google Keyboard 5.1
is rolling out across the Play store for all
Google surprised everyone earlier this
year when it announced that the new
Android N, now known as Nougat , would
be released as a preview, months ahead
of its official general launch, and far
earlier than expected. And with each
subsequent preview build, Google has
added and revamped features, including a
new keyboard.
Google’s virtual keyboard has never been
a great one, but the company continues
to polish and add further features to it, so
users might be quite pleased with this
latest version. Besides the colored themes
mentioned above, users can add their
own images to be used as a typing
background. They’ll also find the key-
border toggle, which gives keys a bit of
extra visibility.
And now Google Keyboard 5.1 is rolling
out to all devices over the Play store.
Note that this is a staggered roll-out so if
you haven’t received the newest version
yet you’ll need to check again later. Also
note that some small features, like the
selectable skin tone for emojis will only
work on Android Nougat.
You can download the new version of Google Keyboard from Google Play .