In March Mr Javid criticised plans to build
2,800 homes in his constituency,
according to the Bromsgrove Standard.
In a letter to the planning inspector on the
scheme, he said: “In terms of
infrastructure, such large-scale
development in Foxlydiate would be
inefficient for those living and commuting
into Redditch.
“I also wish to re-emphasise my concern
that land within Redditch Borough is fully
utilised before any consideration is given
to expanding the area’s housing need into
Bromsgrove Green Belt as a neighbouring
Consistently voted for reducing central
government funding of local government.
Almost always voted for local councils
keeping money raised from taxes on
business premises in their areas.
Generally voted against more powers for
local councils, according to the website
Former roles
Business secretary: May 2015-Jul 2016
Equality minister: Apr 2014–Jul 2014
Culture secretary: Apr 2014–May 2015
Financial secretary to the Treasury: Oct
2013–Apr 2014
Greg Clark
Former communities secretary Greg Clark
takes over as the head of the newly
formed Department for Business, Energy
and Industrial Strategy.
The remit of the new department is still
lacking in details but it could replace the
Department of Energy and Climate
Change and the Department for Business,
Innovation & Skills.
The MP for Tunbridge Wells has previous
experience with the energy sector after
spending two years as the shadow energy
He is a supporter of fracking and has
previously voted against greater
regulation of extracting shale gas.
He has consistently voted to reduce the
rate of corporation tax and against
bringing in financial incentives for low-
carbon emission electricity generation.
Voting record
Consistently voted for reducing the rate of
corporation tax.
Voted a mixture of for and against
stronger tax incentives for companies to
invest in assets.
Voted a mixture of for and against
financial incentives for low-carbon
emission electricity generation methods.
Generally voted against measures to
prevent climate change.
Generally voted against greater regulation
of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to
extract shale gas.