Ordinarily, here would be your weekly
Bacon Bits blog recapping the week in
Washington Redskins news, however,
there was literally no news to recap.
Therefore, in the interest of having
something to fill the white space the
following is being cobbled together from a
general upward tick in positive media
coverage. Among those praising the
future of the Redskins is ESPN’s collection
of pundits in their annual future power
rankings. The full article is, of course,
Insider material hidden behind a paywall
but fortunately the pertinent information is
available in the local newspaper, which is
also hidden behind a paywall after a
certain number of views per month. The
ethics of excerpting one media outlet’s
paid content and then placing same
behind another paywall are questionable
to say the least but let us digress.
The following are the actual numbers of
ESPN’s 2016 futures rankings. Numbers
in parentheses indicate the change from
the 2015 rankings.
Roster: 71.7 (+11.7)
QB: 77.3 (+36)
Coaching: 72.3 (+11.6)
Draft: 78.3 (+14)
Front Office: 73.3 (-1.7)
Overall Score: 74.2 (+14.9)
Sufficed to say the roster has most
certainly improved. Off-season free agent
acquisitions Josh Norman, David Bruton,
Kendall Reyes, Vernon Davis, Cody Booth,
and Al Bond, the return of Junior Galette,
Stephen Paea, Niles Paul, and Shawn
Lauvao from injured reserve should make
the roster both more stable and more
Without reliving the past, let’s just say
quarterback play has undoubtedly
improved and leave it there. Moving on.
Nothing to see here.
Coaching is always judged by the results.
More wins invariably means higher
coaching rankings. Playoff wins are the
next step. It’s a big step.
The draft additions of Josh Doctson, Su’a
Cravens, Kendall Fuller, Matthew
Ioannidis, Keith Marshall, and Nate
Sudfield infuse the roster with youth, size,
and potential. Undrafted free agent
signings Rob Kelley and Lloyd Carrington
have an excellent chance of making the
roster based upon their play thus far.
How exactly the front office rankings
decline when the team has virtually the
same front office personnel, had a better
season, a better draft according to the
very same source, and a brighter future
according to the very same source is
beyond comprehension. One would
surmise ownership owning rather than
managing would be worth it’s weight in
gold futures.
Overall, the Redskins were ranked as
having the brightest future of any NFC
East team, Kirk Cousins playing the 2016
on the franchise tag not withstanding.
Former Redskins player personnel man
Morocco Brown spoke recently on NFL
Network about how an NFL roster is
constructed. His formula consists of ten
core players, five on offense and five on
defense, based upon position. The
positions specifically ordered in rank of
importance are: QB, LT, RB, WR, TE and
RDE, 3Tech NT/DT, LCB, MLB, FS. In
terms of futures, Kirk Cousins, Trent
Williams, Matt Jones, Josh Doctson, and
Jordan Reed make for a nice group.
Defensively, NT is a major concern
beyond this season. It’s possible Jerrell
Powe or Ziggy hood can fill that role but
that remains to bee seen. By Brown’s
“elite or starter standards” this is an area
of need. One of Trent Murphy or Matthew
Ioannidis is likely to be around in three
seasons. Josh Norman and Bashaud
Breeland are both likely to be on the
roster. Take your pick at LCB. Free Safety
is definitely an issue. It’s a difficult
position to address in the draft. Safeties
with speed want to be cornerbacks. It
pays more. A lot more. Safeties without
elite speed are generally relegated to
strong safety. Expect this position to be
addressed in the next two drafts.
In summary, if Scot McCloughan is on the
same page with Morocco Brown it stands
to reason he will focus on defense in the
next free agency and draft period. While
the offense appears largely set, the
defense has more long-term holes which
will need to be filled.
One final note, for what it’s worth: The
Redskins have poor fan equity for a
professional sports franchise ranked #8
globally in net worth.
Fewer and fewer fans are spending the
money to fill the seats. Even more
discouraging, fewer and fewer fans are
discussing the team on social media.
It’s often said winning cures a lot but of
the teams that are ahead of the Redskins,
Dallas is at #2. Someone remind us what
they’ve won in recent memory?
Apologies for the rehash drivel. Typically
every effort is made to keep the content
fresh, unique, and relevant. There just
wasn’t anything of the kind to discuss this
If reading the “Captain Obvious” material
is your thing, let me know. I have a list of
it from the people paid to come up with
material even when there is none.