PAYING for your shopping using your
smartphone just got even easier as
Mastercard expands the reach of its
mobile payment app.
The humble credit and debit card may be
a step closer to extinction thanks to a new
announcement from Mastercard.
The company has revealed a major
expansion to its Masterpass digital wallet
service that will allow customers to pay
using contactless technology for the first
Going forward, Masterpass should now
work seamlessly on your smartphone,
wearable device or tablet, letting you pay
online, in-store, or using the NFC-enabled
app with just one touch.
Mastercard says that the new service,
which links to your current account, is
perfect for a wide ranges of use cases,
from paying for the tube in the morning to
splitting the bill at lunch and ordering your
weekly shop online.
Banks will also be able to build
Masterpass into their own apps, bringing
together all your various digital payment
methods and apps in one place.
The company says that around 80 million
people around the world will be able to
benefit automatically from the new
service, which launches in the US today
before expanding to Europe later next
The news comes as competition in the
mobile payment market continues to
increase, as big players such as Apple
and Samsung throw their weight behind
the technology.
Since its launch in 2014, Apple Pay has
helped popularize the idea of paying for
good using a mobile phone in the UK,
with thousands of businesses across the
country supporting the technology.
Apple Pay will also be coming to desktop
as part of the company’s macOS Sierra
and iOS 10 updates.