Moment gang spotted shopper, 86,
entering her PIN at Waitrose before they
stole her life savings of £21,000 to blow
on second-hand cars and fast food
A gang of thieves watched an 86-year-old
woman enter her PIN then stole her purse
and spent her £21,000 life savings on
cars and fast food.
One of the men was caught on CCTV
leaning over to watch as the victim
entered her PIN while buying groceries at
Waitrose in Wandsworth, south-west
He is then seen recording the code in his
phone as the unsuspecting pensioner
leaves the store.
An accomplice lying in wait outside the
shop allegedly distracted the elderly
woman by posing with a map pretending
to be lost, allowing another to take her
card from her pocket.
The thieves then went on a £21,000
shopping spree, buying clothes, six
second-hand cars and fast food meals,
according to police.
‘The money was the victim’s life savings
that she was keeping for her
grandchildren,’ a Metropolitan Police
spokesman said.