Front door
Keyless Smart Lock
Swap your old lock for a Yale Keyfree
Connected smart lock, and you can forget
about keys. Just tap in your PIN code or
nonchalantly wave your remote key fob to
shoot the bolt. Or fit the optional Z-Wave
module, download the app and open the
door with your smartphone. If all else
fails, it does actually come with a key.
£410 (with Z-Wave module) | Buy Yale
Keyfree Connected
Smart Thermostat
The Nest Learning Thermostat can
replace any wired or wireless controller,
giving you remote access to your boiler
from your phone. It also learns your
preferred heating habits and knows to
switch off the heat when it senses
everyone is out.
£189 | Buy Nest Learning Thermostat
Smart Smoke Alarm
Nest Protect screws to the ceiling and
joins your home network in order to
communicate with any other Nest devices
you have in the house. It means that if
carbon monoxide is detected, for instance,
it can instruct its cousin, the thermostat,
to switch off your boiler.
£89 | Buy Nest Protect
Smart Light Bulb
How many electricians does it take to
change a smart light bulb? Just the one,
but he can fit as many as he likes and
they’ll all work from the same app. The
LIFX Color 1000 bulb works with the Nest
Protect alarm, so in the event of smoke,
the light will start flashing red.
£60 | Buy LIFX Color 1000 bulb
Smart Oven
When you install the AEG ProCombi Plus
smart oven, connect it to your home
network as well as the gas and electric.
That way, you’ll be able to access the
internal camera from your Android or iOS
device and watch your meal cook, or
adjust the settings from the comfort of the
£1,029 | Buy AEG ProCombi Plus smart
Internet Refrigerator
The Samsung F-Hub RB 38J7755B1
fridge has several cameras located inside
it, so you can check that your cheese is
behaving itself, or see what you need to
buy while you’re down the supermarket.
The 21-inch display in the door is for
browsing the internet or mirroring TV
from your smartphone.
The best kit for… streaming music
around the home
Smart Washing Machine
Why would you want to connect the
Samsung WW9000 to the Web? Firstly,
because it means you can use the slick
companion app to customise the cycle to
suit your garments, but also so that you
can start it off and check its progress
while you’re away.
£1,400 | Buy Samsung WW 9000
Living room
Smart Hub TV
The Samsung KS9500 (like all of
Samsung’s 2016 SUHD sets) comes with
a SmartThings hub attached, so your TV
becomes the control centre for up to 200
SmartThings devices when it’s switched
on. Connect the SmartThings baby
monitor, for instance, and a picture-in-
picture will open up on the screen when
noise is detected.
£2,000 | Buy Samsung KS9500
Powered Roller Blinds
If you install a SmartThings Power Outlet
for your motorised blinds to plug into,
they instantly become smart, which
means you can now control them from a
Samsung TV or an app on your phone.
This could be useful if you want to give
the impression you’re home, when you’re
actually on holiday.
£45 | Buy SmartThings Power Outlet
Multi-room Audio
Samsung’s M7 speakers make it
exceptionally easy to set up a wireless
multi-room system throughout the house,
thanks to the helpful companion app that
gets all of your speakers online in just a
few taps and swipes. Access your music
from your smartphone or your TV, and
it’ll be available in every room.
£330 | Buy Samsung M7
Connected Alarm Clock
Position it beside your bed and the
Withings Aura will rouse you gently in the
morning with gradually increasing white
light that mimics the sun rising.
Alternatively, you can connect it to your
home network and stream your most
rocking Spotify Premium playlist at full
blast. Use your smartphone to set a
schedule, change colours and stream
£150 | Buy Withings Aura
Smart Lighting
If you swap out your regular bulbs for
Philips Hue E27 lights and download the
app, you’ll be able to set up lighting
schedules from your smartphone and
operate them from your Apple Watch. Hue
also ‘works with Nest’, so you can sync it
to react appropriately to warnings from
the Nest Protect smoke alarm.
£60 (Hue White Starter Kit) | Buy Philips
App-Controlled Spa
Now even your shower can be controlled
from your smartphone when you install
the GROHE F-digital Deluxe spa. With
LEDs, water jets, steam modules and
waterproof speakers at your disposal, the
Android/ iOS companion app makes it
possible to design your ultimate
therapeutic shower experience. It’s a
water park for one.
£12,960 | Buy GROHE F-digital Deluxe
Smart Scales
Your body weight used to be between you
and your scales, but with the Garmin
Index the results are shared wirelessly
with both your phone and fitness tracker.
BMI, body fat and muscle mass are all
presented for scrutiny in the nifty Garmin
£123 | Buy Garmin Index
Wireless Weather Station
If you set up the scientific Netatmo Urban
Weather Station, with the hub indoors and
the sensor in the garden, you’ll be able to
track the increasingly fickle weather in
precise and exhaustive detail on the
companion app. Chances are your very
local weather reports will be more
accurate than the national forecast.
£130| Buy Netatmo Urban Weather
Smart Security Camera
The little Netgear Arlo camera needs little
installation, as it’s wire-free and runs on
batteries. It’s also waterproof and small
enough to site somewhere inconspicuous.
Just ensure it’s within range of its base
station, so you can access its HD video
feed at any time from your phone.
£280 (two-camera set) | Buy Netgear Arlo