There is always room for improvement
when it comes to modern day
technological advancements, especially in
the realm of battery power. The thing is,
each time the ante is increased in terms
of battery power and capacity, hardware
manufacturers and software
programmers alike will try to take
advantage of the longer lasting battery or
higher capacity by introducing more
power hungry chipsets or apps that run a
whole lot more commands
simultaneously. Panasonic has
introduced its Platinum Power batteries a
couple of years ago
that brings consumer level AA and AAA
batteries to a whole new level, but this
time around things have taken a turn for
the better with their all new Platinum
Power batteries.
The new Platinum Power AA and AAA
batteries are touted to last 33% longer,
which have been specially designed for
high-drain consumer devices. With these
being able to last 33% longer than
Panasonic’s regular alkaline cells, you
can be sure that they are not going to
come cheap, but neither will they break
the bank, either.
These new Platinum Power AA and AAA
batteries will be powered by Evolta
technology, and happen to be the most
powerful Panasonic alkaline cells that can
be purchased in North America. They
boast of Advanced Formula, Triple Tough
Coating, Anti-Leak Protection, and protect
power for up to 10 years, now how about
that? This means you might want to take
a closer look at the “expiry date” of the
Platinum Power batteries’ packaging the
next time you decide to pick up a bunch.
The new Panasonic Platinum Power
batteries will arrive packaged in standard
four and eight pack sizes, where there is
also a wide range of multi-packs with up
to 48 cells. The four-pack AA size will
retail for $3.99 a pop, and you can even
opt to purchase it from online stores.