The US Army’s Special Ops Command is
set to switch from Android to the iPhone
due to poor performance. Earlier, the
Army had provided soldiers with an
Android Tactical Assault Kit, equipped
with a variant of the Samsung Galaxy
Note, which will now be replaced by the
new iPhone Tactical Assault Kit, which will
feature the iPhone 6s.
The Army is yet to confirm this switch, or
provide a reason for it. Although,’s DodBuzz stated that the
Android devices freeze up and have to be
restarted relatively often. The iPhone, on
the other hand, has been found by the
Army to be “faster and smoother.”
Additionally, the graphics of the iPhone
are “clear” and “unbelievable.” The
Android device couldn’t cope with the
custom, split-screen military software:
When attempting to run a split screen
showing the route and UAS feed, the
Android device freezes up and fail to
refresh properly and often have to be
restarted, a process that wastes valuable
minutes, the source said.
“It’s seamless on the iPhone. The
graphics are clear, unbelievable,” the
source added.
This wouldn’t be first time the US Army
gave an Apple device to their soldiers, in
2010, soldiers deployed in Iraq and
Afghanistan were given the iPod touch,
equipped with language modules
including Iraqi Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, and
Pashto. The iPad has been used earlier
as well.
It makes perfect sense if the Army is
switching the 2010 Galaxy Note, as the
iPhone 6s is way faster, but if it’s more
recent Note device, it’d be interesting to
know the reason behind the switch