Kelly, the brains behind Making You
Content, a marketing agency based
in the Northern Quarter, will join 14
other businesswomen as they look
to build on the recommendations of
the FSB’s Women in Enterprise
report from earlier this year.
Titled Women in Enterprise: The
Untapped Potential, the report found
that while women-led companies
face many of the same challenges
encountered by all small firms, such
as difficulty accessing finance (cited
by 25%) and cash flow issues
(42%), other problems more acute
for women were highlighted.
Two out of five women (40%)
reported challenges in balancing
work and family life, while others
(37%) said achieving credibility for
their enterprise was a problem.
Around a fifth (22%) said a lack of
confidence was a significant hurdle.
Discussing her appointment, Kelly
said: “We have a huge opportunity
to boost growth and prosperity in
this country by supporting more
women into business.
“By standing up for business
owners who have traditionally been
underrepresented in the
organisation, we hope to bring a
breath of fresh air to the team on a
regional and national scale.”
She continued: “It’s early days for
the Women in Enterprise Taskforce,
but as a young female entrepreneur
with a passion for Manchester
business, I can’t wait to get involved
and play a positive role in the
Simon Edmondson, the FSB’s
regional chairman for Manchester
and North Cheshire, said: “I know
Kelly will be an excellent
ambassador for Manchester in this
important new position. She has a
real passion for business and I look
forward to hearing how the
taskforce progresses.”