Sabina Green ( not real name), daughter
of the late Jessica Oluchi Elvis, former
President of National Association of
Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP has
graduated from secondary school.
The 16-year-old girl who passed out
from a popular private school in Ikotun
area of Lagos, last Friday was crowned
the overall best in Mathematics and
Following the death of her mother last
year, life has never remained the same
for the young girl who now occupies her
mother’s bungalow in Lagos with her
aunt – Clara. Elvis died October 25 in
Edo State after suffering from heart-
related disease.
In a brief chat with DAILY POST during
her graduation ceremony, the 16-year-
old shared with our reporter what she
missed most about her late mum.
She recalled with nostalgia how her mum
died in a Benin hospital due to doctor’s
lackadaisical attitude.
She said, “I must confess, the death of
my mum shook me down to my bone. I
thought my world had ended but thank
God for his mercy and grace. I am still
here and today, I am graduating from
secondary as the overall best in
Mathematics and Chemistry.”
On what led to the death of her mum, the
teenager said, “Doctor claimed it was
heart disease but I suspect they are
responsible for her death. When we came
to the hospital, it took them almost 5
hours to admit my mum. After that, they
said the doctor went to Auchi and didn’t
return till evening. When he eventually
came, he referred us to another hospital
the following day, where she eventually
died. I was with her in a hospital in Benin
City when she passed on. Before she
died, she asked me to go get her recharge
card downstairs that she wanted to call
grand mum but before I came back,
she’d gone. I nearly cried myself to death
because I never expected her to die that
Speaking on her next plan after
secondary school, Gree said, “I will put in
for JAMB next year. I want to study Bio-
Chemistry in the university, but not in
She warned the media to desist from
calling her late mum prostitute, adding
that her late mum never involved in bed-
to-wealth business.
Green quickly corrected our reporter,
“Point of correction, mum was never a
prostitute, your journalists should stop
addressing her as a prostitute, especially
you this Uncle Comrade. I read a lot of
things about her on the net but I don’t
care. Na una get una mouth.”
When reminded that her late mum vowed
to sleep with Wizkid and Cristano
Ronaldo in her last interview, she
responded, “Maybe she was joking, my
mum will never do that.”