Diehard fans of Mozilla’s desktop
browser now have a new mobile
version for their iPhone or iPad.
Mozilla may finally have a reason for
you to check out the Firefox browser for
your iPhone.
A new version, set for release Tuesday,
cuts processor use by 40 percent and
memory use by 30 percent, according to
the nonprofit organization.
The result is a more power-efficient
mobile browser that may potentially
help your phone run a full day without a
recharge. The feature, one of many in
the new update, could get people to take
a second look at Firefox’s mobile
browser, an area where Mozilla has
Firefox for iOS is based on Apple’s core
browser technology — an approach that
Apple requires and that helped
contribute to the fact that Mozilla didn’t
release Firefox for iOS-powered devices
until years after the appearance of
competitors like Apple’s Safari, Google’s
Chrome and Opera Software’s Opera.
But the browser still can be convenient
for Firefox fans. For example, the
browser lets them keep mobile and PC
browsing history and passwords in
So far, Firefox has only a minute
presence on mobile devices. Mozilla
scrapped its own Firefox OS phone
effort . That’s hobbled Mozilla’s effort to
use its browser to try to develop and
promote web technology.
Other new features in the Firefox update:
The ability to add custom search
engines such as Craigslist,
Wikipedia and eBay for quick
access to options beyond the
standard choices like Bing, Yahoo
and Google that ship with the
The ability to reopen closed tabs.
A new method for navigating
through open tabs that’s
designed to be easier.
A new menu designed to speed
access to frequently used
A home button to quickly get to a
home page.