A 14-year old girl from Delta state has accused her 27-year old uncle, Chigozie Bright  who of forcefully having sex with her four times a week.According to Kemifilani’s blog, they claimed that the young girl was brought to Lagos by her uncle in afterhe assured of her of obtaining qualityeducation in Lagos but he turned her into a sex slave instead. The victim, whose mother lives in Mali, added that the 27-year-old uncle, had sex with her four times in a week between2013 and 2016.After her uncle assured her of keeping the relationship a secret, the girl could not no longer cope with the torture as she confided with her best friend in school who advised her of reporting the case to the police. This eventually led to the arrest of her uncle by the Isokoko division.PAY The victim told the police that Bright had initially sent her to work for a woman as a housemaid but later took her to Aguda, Surulere, to live with him saying: “My uncle brought me from Delta State in 2013 to live with him in Lagos and promised to give me quality education. He is my mother’s brother. My mother lives in Mali.I was 11 years old when he started having sex with me. He initially took me to a woman. He had an issue with the woman and I started living with him. He had sex with me four times in a week. He warned me not to tell anyone. But when I could no longer bear it, I told one of my friends in school and she advised me to report him to the police.”Bright who has been under police custody confessed to the crime saying: “I was the one who brought her to Lagos. When she arrived in Lagos in September 2013, she stayedwith me for a week and I took her to awoman because I was advised not to leave her alone at home.She had a misunderstanding with the woman and the woman said she did not wanther again. Since then, she had been staying with me and we had sex every Saturday. But I ensured I did not ‘release’ into her private parts.”