The Federation Account Allocation
Committee (FAAC) allocation to state
governments in June, obtained by the
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) showed
that Lagos State topped the states with
N6,082,690,933.64 as total net amount
received from the Federal Government.
NAN reported that the allocations were
shared in June as revenue collections
accrued to the account in May.
The state was closely followed by Rivers
which collected N4,354,473,497.62,
including the 13 per cent share of
derivation and Value Added Tax
The total net allocations were made after
deductions from contractual and other
obligations by some of the states
including Bayelsa, Bauchi and Benue.
Abia got N1,923,982,456.53 while
Adamawa had N1,828,758,173.61 with
Akwa-Ibom collecting
N6,847,573,681.87, as Anambra got
N2,116,807,667.14 during the period;
The figures further showed that Bauchi
State made N1,965,255,213.47;Bayelsa,
N2,816,868,014.70; Benue,
N1,534,960,334.09; Borno,
N2,147,600,578.02 and Cross River,
N804,060,982.38 in June.
NAN further reports that Delta received
N2,890913,486.26 after deductions from
some contractual obligations while Ebonyi
collected N1.843,573,739.61 from the
federation account.
Edo, which also collected allocations from
the derivation account, had a total net
amount of 1,162,645,899.11 as Ekiti
State got N903,602,952.88 from the
Enugu State, made N2,003,137,942.20
as its Gombe counterpart had
N1,237,565,490.87 with Imo getting
1,872,879,765.17 from the revenues
realised by the Federal Government.
Jigawa also had its own share of
N2,339,773,705.98, Kaduna got
N2,537,735,912.75; Kano hauled
while Katsina State made
Kebbi recorded N1,978,817185.53; Kogi,
N1,800,713,440.93; Kwara,
N1,554,650,906.93; Nasarawa,
N1,738,115545.39 and Niger,
N1,795,229,811.70 as allocations for
Ogun realised N935,421,032.61; Ondo,
N1,765,753,396.69; Osun,
N2,105,441,605.75; Plateau received
N1,033,584,304.35 with Sokoto making
N2,165,593,899.10 just as Taraba got
Yobe, without record of contractual
obligation, made N1,999,612,020.31
while Zamfara which had deductions from
some obligations, got
Oyo State had 2,105,441,605.75.
NAN reported that a total net amount
shared among the 36 states by FAAC in
the period stood at 76,349,365,060.79
The Federation Accounts Allocation
Committee is responsible for the
distribution of revenue accruing to the
Federation Account among the Federal,
States and the Local Governments
The Office of the Accountant–General of
the Federation, established under Civil
Services re- organisation Act of 1988, is
responsible for the overall management
of all receipt and payments of the Federal
Government (NAN)