British Gas lost nearly 400,000 customers
last year as customers switched energy
Centrica, which owns the company –
trading in Scotland as Scottish Gas –
said its UK home operating profit fell 7%
or to £516m in the six months to 30 June.
Group revenue fell 13% to £13.3bn and
operating profit by 12% to £853m.
It reported a 3% loss of residential
customers, although the company said
numbers returned to growth last month
after it introduced a 5% cut to domestic
gas bills in March.
Chief executive Iain Conn said: “The first
half of the year has been demanding for
Centrica, but the response has been
strong and I am encouraged by the
progress we have made.
“I remain confident in our ability to deliver
both attractive returns and underlying
cash flow growth, as we continue to
implement our strategy.”