Determined to make its digital banking
application fast, convenient and hassle-
free, Access Bank Plc has refreshed the
revolutionary lifestyle solution,
PayWithCapture to a more illimitable
The latest version, PayWithCapture 5.0,
according to a statement from the bank
yesterday, comes with additional features
that enable customers to transfer funds
from any bank account (one or more) to
any bank account or phone number and
email addresses.
PayWithCapture 5.0 has also expanded to
the web for users to experience the many
benefits on larger screens. It also offers a
USSD service *901# that allows users to
carry out most of the listed functions
without the need to access the internet,
the bank added.
“PayWithCapture 5.0 users can, still enjoy
the success of QR code scanning for
payments but with the added ability to
make transfers to bank accounts, phone
numbers and email addresses. Users can
also set up a savings club through
PayWithCapture. Savings Clubs,
commonly known as Ajo or Esusu enable
them save jointly with friends towards a
common goal as the funds can be pooled
and rotated among all members of the
group or pooled and given to one person,”
it added.
The Head of Digital Banking at Access
Bank, Adeleke Adekoya explained: “We
heard about the issues and complaints
our customers had on the old app. With
this new version, we’ve tried to resolve
them all” According to him, the latest
version has extended beyond simply
scanning QR-Codes to pay for
transactions to allowing customers
experience banking in a way that feels as
personal as they want it to be.”
Another key feature of the upgrade,
according to Adekoya was the
introduction of the PayWithCapture
Titanium Card.
“Simply request for the card on
PayWithCapture, then transfer funds from
payment methods linked to your account
and you can use your PayWithCapture
debit card anywhere around the world you
see the MasterCard sign,” he added.