Minister of Technology and Higher
Education, Mohammad Nasir, affirms that
2016 is the year of innovation for
Indonesia and an era to start developing

“I call all researchers, industries,
businesses, and people to have strong
commitments in promoting and
accelerating development based on
science and technologies to improve
national competence,” the minister said at
the 21st commemmoration of the
National Technology Day here on
He said mastering science and technology
is a must to be able to compete with other
This action, Nasir added, should be
followed by policy, program, and activities
that support the innovations at local and
national levels.
“We are now in the era of ASEAN
Economic Community, an open market
where products, services and investments
are free to flow according to the ASEAN
convention,” the minister said.
Therefore, acccording to Nasir,
comparative and competitive advantages
will determine the winners among ASEAN
A report issued by the World Economic
Forum (WEF) 2015-2016 put Indonesias
competitiveness at 37th of 140 countries.
The position is below Singapore at
second, Malaysia at 18th and Thailand at
The minister said Indonesia is now at the
stage of efficiency-driven economies,
where growth is based on the
development of more efficient production
processes and increased product quality.
It is expected that Indonesia will soon be
at innovation-driven economies stage,
where companies compete by producing
and delivering new and different products
and services by using the most
sophisticated processes.(*)