by Chinua Achebe


Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria in 1930. He has published novels, short stories, essays, poetry and children’s books. Of his novels, Arrow of God won the New Statesman-jock Campbell Award, and Anthills of the Savannah was a finalist for the 1987 Booker Price. Things Fall Apart has been published in fifty different languages and has sold more than ten million copies internationally since publication in 1958. Achebe has honorary Fellowship of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and received honorary doctorates from more than thirty institutions. He is a recipient of the Nigerian National Merit Award, Nigeria’s highest award for intellectual achievement. In 2007 he won the Man Booker International Prize.
‘Chinua Achebe’s history of Biafra is a meditation on the condition of freedom. It has the tense narrative grip of the best fiction. It is also a revelatory entry into the intimate character of the writer’s brilliant mind and bold spirit.
Achebe has created here a new genre of literature in which political-historical evidence, the power of storytelling, and revelations from the depths of the human subconscious are one. The event of a new work by Chinua Achebe is always extraordinary; this one exceeds all expectation’
‘Chinua Achebe is a magical writer- one of the greatest of the twentieth century’
‘Achebe’s influence on writers of succeeding generations is too great to quantify. Above all, this giant of modern letters has left the authentic imprint of African cultures across the globe’
’His courage and generosity are made manifest in the worth’
‘The writer in whose company the prison walls fell down’